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Third quarter Fluix recap

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Third quarter Fluix recap

Ahhh, Autumn! Crunchy leaves and pumpkin spice EVERYTHING -- these are the very essence of Fall -- but it’s also the time of year when time-sensitive projects begin to wrap-up.

Making your work life easier is what we’re all about here at Fluix! That includes staying on the pulse of our customer’s needs and keeping up-to-date on market trends. Q3 was another busy quarter for our product and customer success teams: 


Product Updates:


You no longer need to copy data from forms completed in Fluix into your CRM. We’ll be happy to help you to learn how to automate the process - please contact us to find out more!

Ciao, Italia!flag-waving-250

In early August, we were delighted to add the Italian language as an option in the Fluix mobile app.


NEW Fluix app version 2.36 for iOS 13

The long-awaited iOS 13 was finally released near the end of September, bringing next-generation technologies and improved user experience to mobile devices. We at Fluix always strive to be compliant with all of the industry standards and latest updates within the Apple environment, which is reflected in our latest version of the Fluix mobile application.


As always, our team recommends NOT to update all user devices to iOS 13 right away, as it usually takes some time to have a stable new iOS version released. While we understand that your team’s devices and the Fluix app are crucial to business processes, we’d encourage you to ask your team to delay major updates for at least 1 month after the iOS 13 release.


Afterwards, to ensure a smooth and stable experience, please make sure that Fluix is updated to version 2.36, which is fully compatible with iOS 13.


You can read more about all of our product updates in the Fluix Knowledge Base.


Customer Success Update: Zurich Insurance

Zurich Insurance was founded in 1872 in Switzerland. The company’s main goal of serving and protecting people has remained at the core of its operations in the 140 years that have followed. Now a global insurer protecting people in over 210 countries and territories, Zurich is looking to the future and exploring the concept of what protection looks like in an ever-changing world.


Zurich’s Swiss Headquarters houses a 1,000-strong team of agents who, until recently, relied heavily on pen and paper for almost every customer interaction. The recent introduction of  iPads, as well as Fluix’s customizable workflows with user-specific privacy settings and real-time sharing options, allowed Zurich to roll the app out to all of their agents across both of the company’s core business areas: personal and commercial insurance.


Fluix was officially launched at Zurich’s Headquarters on September 30, 2019. Agents received brand new iPads, which arrived with Fluix installed and ready to go! 


Wondering what happened to the printers and scanners that the agents once carried in their cars? They’re very much enjoying their retirement!


We look forward to hearing more about Zurich Insurance’s success with Fluix.

Jenny Butler
Jenny Butler
Content Marketer at Fluix

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Third quarter Fluix recap

Ahhh, Autumn! Crunchy leaves and pumpkin spice EVERYTHING -- these are the very essence of Fall -- but it’s also the time of year when time-sensitive projects begin to wrap-up.

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