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First quarter Fluix recap

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First quarter Fluix recap

We kicked off 2019 in high gear! Below are some Fluix product and customer updates from Q1:

Product Updates

Our product teams are constantly working to ensure that Fluix remains innovative, reliable, and helpful for our customers. With this in-mind, we’re delighted to tell you about two of our latest product updates:

Data Export and Reporting

Data...data EVERYWHERE. In short, businesses need data in order to make data-driven decisions and gather actionable insights that improve their bottom line.

Regardless of your industry, data can transform how you work for the better by highlighting what’s working well and where improvements are needed, so the ability to export it in a format that can be used for instant reporting is invaluable. From safety and equipment inspections or logging hours worked and processes completed, to compliance, training and interactive manuals, data really is everywhere! It’s up to you to leverage it as best you can, and we’re here to help with Fluix Data.

With Fluix Data, you can:

  • Get an accurate report on operational activities in the field

  • Significantly reduce turnaround time and eliminate tedious back-and-forth processes

  • Integrate with PowerBI and Tableau to create detailed reports for further analysis

  • Make data-driven decisions based on precise results

  • Save approximately 50-70% of time spent collating data for reports

  • Present clear, relevant data to auditors on-demand

Learn more about how Fluix Data can help you.

Bulk Signing

There’s nothing worse than needing immediate signatures from multiple people and knowing that you have no way of making it happen.

What happens if your sales contracts are missing customer’s signatures, or compliance documents are missing approval signatures? Projects can be stalled because of antiquated process flaws or even worse, customers can have a negative experience with your company at a pivotal time in the relationship, after you’ve worked so hard to earn their trust.

Time is another important factor to consider. How can you ensure a timely turnaround of documents, bids and project approvals if the signing parties are working remotely or spend most of their day in important meetings, leaving only short windows of time for other tasks?

Bulk Signing is the latest addition to Fluix. It helps you to easily and quickly collect signatures and approvals from multiple people, simultaneously. No more running around from one person to another, or from one office to the next to collect signatures - Bulk Signing is a Project Manager’s salvation! You might even have time for a cup of coffee as you watch the signatures seamlessly roll into Fluix. We’re all about giving you back time in your day for the important things, after all!

See how Bulk Signing works or read more about it!

Customer Spotlight

Our customers are at the heart of our Fluix family. Whether using Fluix in the office or in the field, we really enjoy seeing how our customers have optimised their business processes to grow their businesses. One such customer is Consolidated Power Projects (CPP), and we’d like to share their Fluix Success Story with you.

CPP_update-1Background: Consolidated Power Projects (CPP) is an industry-leading Australian electrical engineering company that offers specialist design, construction, commissioning and maintenance of high voltage infrastructure. Inspired by their mission to lead their industry in technological innovation and to deliver a world-class service to their customers, CPP turned to Fluix to help them to turn their paper-heavy processes into an accessible digital library of dynamic documents.

Challenge: Transition a 53-turbine strong wind farm using 628 paper forms to using a fully digital, automated document workflow management solution. This was certainly no mean feat; each individual project comprised of approximately 200 drawings.

5 key process improvements that Fluix has helped CPP to achieve:

  • Wind farm inspection time has been reduced by 57%.

  • Template updates and information delivery are handled by workflows in Fluix automatically, allowing Technicians to save time and focus on their core job.

  • Quality and safety managers can track site operations in real time, and immediately address any issues.

  • All related printing and handling costs have been eliminated.

  • A complete digital transformation of previous processes involving 600+ paper forms, supported by Fluix - a solution that can scale with their continuing exponential growth.

Additionally, Fluix enabled CPP to increase productivity in the field, thanks to a smooth user experience that allowed their teams to onboard quickly, demonstrating immediate value:

"Fluix reduced the average time needed to complete a vehicle inspection checklist, including time to take photos, from 22 minutes to 12.5 minutes, or almost in half. Other measurable productivity and quality gains are impressive, too." - Paul Wilson, Project Manager at CPP Australia

CPP's success story shows that with the right software supporting your processes, you can save time that can then be spent on furthering innovation, growth and sustainability. The success stories don’t stop there - we’re proud to see our customers grow and flourish, and they’re delighted to share their experience of using Fluix!

Interested in reading another Fluix Customer Success Story? Learn how Siemens Gamesa used Fluix to unify processes and streamline communication across 18 departments.

Jenny Butler
Jenny Butler
Content Marketer at Fluix

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