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The Best Holiday Gift For Field Teams: More Free Time

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The Best Holiday Gift For Field Teams: More Free Time

Receiving a holiday gift from an employer is a timeless seasonal gesture. Whether it’s a fruitcake or a subscription to the Coffee-of-the-Month Club, a token of appreciation around the holiday season is always a welcomed surprise. 

What Makes a Meaningful Gift?

That’s not to say passing out a couple of gift cards is a deep and meaningful act of holiday cheer. Field workers may appreciate a music subscription or a trip to a nice restaurant, but there’s one gift each and every field team member will appreciate year-after-year: more free time. 


There’s nothing worse — especially around the holidays — than being stuck taking care of mundane tasks onsite or at the office. This is especially true for field team workers, who would much rather be carrying out the work they love instead of updating spreadsheets and uploading files. Reclaiming time spent organizing documents and analyzing data is a gift that makes workers happy and business more efficient.

How to Gain More Time

Workflow management software bridges the gap between the field and office, optimizing everyday processes with digitization and automation. Core tasks typically reserved for office work can be efficiently automated, allowing field workers to return to work they enjoy, while also adding value to your business. 


A typical two-week workflow cycle can be reduced to mere minutes, empowering field workers to review inspection reports, get forms signed, receive manager approval on documents, and dispatch safety materials. Document workflow automation software makes it possible to distribute the latest versions of documents to teams and customers, allowing recipients to complete, mark up, and sign PDFs with legally-binding signatures.


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A Paper-Free Solution

Workflow automation software can also help eliminate paper-based processes using a single tool, replacing paper binders with an iPad. Taking the paper out of the equation helps field teams reduce cycle times, paper costs, and human error or confusion caused by duplicate or missing paper documents. 


Fluix automation in accounting, billing, and auditing can reduce manual data retyping from paper forms by collecting accurate data from digital forms, allowing companies to generate aggregated and customized reports using real-time field data. Highly-accurate data collection helps ensure a company stays compliant with heavily-regulated sectors like construction and energy, leaving an electronic paper trail available at a moment’s notice.


As the holidays approach, it may be tempting to place an order for some fruit baskets and call it a day. But by adopting automated workflow software, your company is investing in a long-lasting gift that will continue to truly delight users for years to come.

Learn more about how Fluix can save you time on mandatory paper processes, and try it out with a free trial.


Jenny Butler
Jenny Butler
Content Marketer at Fluix

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