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10 Ways to NOT Waste Time During the Holidays!

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10 Ways to NOT Waste Time During the Holidays!

#1 - Don’t try to cook a family Holiday dinner by yourself. Even Wolfgang Puck has kitchen helpers. Worst case scenario, Uber Eats delivers pizza and Chinese food on the Holidays!

man with pizza boxes anter the room and look at fire inside his house

#2 - Do brush up on quality one-liners for those moments where your siblings dig on your favorite sports team. A little friendly pre-Super Bowl competition never hurt anyone, right?

man drops microphone

#3 - Don’t get stuck in infamous Holiday traffic. Save your stress for more important moments...crank up your favorite song, put the pedal to the metal and leave at off-peak times. We recommend the oldie but goodie, “Bat Out of Hell” by Meat Loaf. And before you ask, Fluix assumes zero liability for any speeding tickets or vocal cord damage incurred.

girl and boy riding toy car as professional racing driver

#4 - Do learn some new specialty drink recipes. This will come in handy when your overly critical Great Aunt Mabel arrives to visit. Have her drink ready in hand BEFORE she starts listing all the things you’ve done wrong with the house. Then prepare rounds 2-5 of her “happy juice” to make the day a more pleasant experience for everyone. You can thank us later.

grandmother with bottle of wiskey says: "you didin't see this"

#5 - Don’t plan another cheesy company Holiday party. Instead, organize a large (but safe) bonfire in the employee parking lot. You can use all that office paperwork you’ve been wasting for kindling. It was bound to be useful at some point.

funny dance

#6 - Do train your dog to warn you of approaching in-laws. Preferably one with a loud bark, but no bite. If you don’t have a dog and your kids can’t imitate a Rottweiler, we can send you a very scary sound clip to play on repeat. We use this for trick-or-treaters, but it works to scare off house guests all year round.

dog barking on leaf blower

#7 - Don’t underestimate the words “easy-to-assemble” on Holiday gifts. If you wait until the last minute for your latest construction fiasco (Project: Ikea Hell), there’s not enough eggnog in the world to save you.

woman hiting table with hammer

#8 - Do automate your kid’s gift wish lists with final approval from Mom. No matter how amazing you try to convince her those TV infomercial gifts are, she will still make you return them. Mom: 1, You: 0. 

man: before you say no. woman instantly: NO

#9 - Don’t...for the love of gingerbread lattes and all things festive... accumulate a mini Mount Everest of wrapping paper and packaging in your house. Opt for digital, paperless gifts instead. Unlike animals, they’re easy to re-gift.

wrapping cat in gift papper

#10 - Do shop for a nice, thoughtful gift for your significant other BEFORE the Holidays. Those countless hours spent searching last-minute end up costing you more than you intended. Just because it’s on sale doesn’t mean it’s the perfect gift.

man grubs all bacon from fridge because bacon is on sale

Last, but certainly not least, our executive team has prepared this little holiday ditty. Here’s hoping your holidays are more productive than years past, and filled with joyful cheer for the new year!




Happy Holidays,

The Fluix Team

Jenny Butler
Jenny Butler
Content Marketer at Fluix

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